Expertise to Deliver Results No Matter What


“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson


While plans are integral to any construction project, they don’t come close to accounting for the myriad unforeseen “punches in the mouth” that can and often do happen throughout a project. Partitions Contracting has a deep roster of experienced professionals with the expertise to overcome those blows and deliver quality projects on time and on budget. Every time.


In business for over 50 years, we’re humbled and honored to have decades-long partnerships with many of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world. You’ll find our work in iconic high-rise buildings, Fortune 500 headquarters, regional offices, and retail locations throughout the Southeast.

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Trust is Built into Everything We Do


Trust is something we don’t take lightly. Several leading national banks trust us to work in their locations both during and after business hours. This access is not a privilege freely given but earned after years of being a proven, secure, and trustworthy corporation. Similarly, many members of our team have gained credentials at all GBI facilities across the state of Georgia to continue working and building a foundation for one of our state’s most trusted organizations.


The success we’ve enjoyed since 1967 is a direct product of our performance and reflected in the level of Service, Value, and Quality we provide our clients.


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